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Importance of Mold Testing

Mold can grow on anything and anywhere. It is part of our environment, but its presence within a home is life-threatening. Nowadays, mold problems are becoming common. You might spot mold patches in your basement or your attic. Any moist area assists mold growth. Therefore, testing for mold in houses and commercial buildings is a must. Letting mold grow in your home can affect your life. You might feel sick or experience allergic reactions. Not only does your health deteriorate, but your home also faces structural damage.

Detecting mold problems at early stages is beneficial. It takes mold up to 24 hours to spread. If you control the outbreak within time, other areas of your home won't be affected. Hiring professional mold inspection and testing near you is the best option. A certified mold inspector will quickly spot all the contaminated areas and suggest the best treatment plan. Call for mold specialists as soon as you spot any black or green patches in your house.

Our Mold Detection Expertise

With the help of UCM Carpet Cleaning Jersey City, clients can get top-quality mold inspection services at affordable rates. Our team members are well-equipped and have the necessary experience to deal with mold outbreaks. These licensed mold experts near you detect mold in every corner. Someone without the right training will miss a lot but not these specialists. These technicians know exactly where to look for unwanted mold. Whether your bathroom is infected or your attic needs a thorough check, our workers will get to the root of the problem. Our modern tools and toxin-free chemicals kill mold in the shortest possible time. You and your family members won't experience any displeasure with our eco-friendly solutions.

Mold Testing Steps

The moment you discover the presence of mold, call for help. A team of professionals performs various tests to confirm the presence of mold in your home. To test for mold in your house, we perform the following tests:

Mold Air Test

For confirming the presence of spores in the air, we collect air samples and send them to a lab. The results determine which type of mold is present in your home. Air tests also help identify the concentration of mildew in your vicinity.

Swab Samples

Our team uses cotton swabs to collect mold from walls and ceilings. It proves helpful in black mold detection.

Bulk Samples

Some of the contaminated areas are physically removed and tested in labs. With bulk samples, mold detection firms can find the extent of the damage. Anything damaged beyond repair needs a replacement.

Our mold testing firm offers all of these mold exposure tests. Along with inspection and testing, we provide remediation services as well. UCM Carpet Cleaning Jersey City makes sure that clients make the right decision for their safety.

Carpet & Upholstery Protectors Mold Testing Service

Mold Testing Services Near You

To avail affordable mold testing and inspection services near you, call UCM Carpet Cleaning Jersey City. Our professional team of specialists does an extraordinary job at finding all the hidden and visible mold. You might not be able to find all the moldy patches in your home, but these experts will not leave any spot. Our specialists take every precautionary measure to avoid contamination in other areas. You won't feel irritated or annoyed by our employees. Clients only need to call our helpline and arrange an appointment according to their availability. We provide estimates in advance and guarantee the best results.

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