Why do rugs get dirty?

Some of the factors that contribute to a dirty rug include tiny bits of dirt like pet fur, dead skin, hair, dust, bacteria and mites. If your rug is not frequently cleaned, it can lead to accumulation of dirt which will have a negative effect on the rug appearance. These dirt contributing factors can also affect your health, leading to skin irritation, allergic reactions, and respiratory system disorders.

Why work with professional rug cleaners?

UCM Carpet Cleaning Jersey City can either pick up the carpets from your location or clean them on-site. Our cleaners use different types of rug cleaning methods, all of which have been proven to be very effective. Rugs that are deeply stained, have pet odor or dust are washed by the deep cleaning method. Hot water extraction is also used to get rid of dust and light stains from the carpets. We also use different cleaning methods depending on the condition of your rug. This will ensure that every single stain, including germs and bacteria, are removed from your rug.

How do we clean rugs?

When cleaning rugs, UCM Carpet Cleaning Jersey City ensures that the work is effectively done, and you get a rug that looks and feels nice. The first thing our cleaning professionals do is to examine the rug to determine the most effective cleaning method that can guarantee a thoroughly cleaned rugs. We not only use the best cleaning products but also make use of the required rug cleaning machines for deep cleaning. All the cleaning methods can release the dirt and any other unwanted materials from the rug. Finally, the rug is inspected and only released after the professionals are satisfied that it is in good condition for both your family and pets, for a clean and healthy living environment.

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Are there stains that cannot be removed?

It is easier to get rid of most stains by use of the best rug cleaning products. But if the stain has remained in the fabric for a long time, removing it may be difficult, and the fabric may be damaged during cleaning. To protect your rug, ensure that you contact UCM Carpet Cleaning Jersey City as soon as you notice any stain on your rug. Our rug cleaning service providers have the right tools and equipment to get rid of tough stains without too much hassle.

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Carpets

If carpets are left uncleaned, it will lead to build up of bacteria and allergens which can greatly affect the health of people in the room. This will also make the room stuffy and uncomfortable. Cleaning your carpets frequently helps:

  1. Get rid of spots and stains
  2. Improve air quality
  3. Eliminate bacteria, mites and allergens
  4. Enhance the room appearance
  5. Improve employee productivity in business settings

How do we clean tiles?

If you are not a professional cleaner, scrubbing down huge areas of tiles may not be that easy. On the other hand, tile and grout cleaning services in Jersey City has professionals who use advanced steam cleaning machines that can easily clean large areas of tile and grout within a short period of time. Our cleaners use grout sealing products upon request so you can benefit from your cleaning for much longer. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or hallway, our expert tile cleaning services are very affordable.

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